About us

About Us

BKS Chemical is Leading in Process Chemicals for Leather and Other Industry.

We strong believes in cooperation That is Why we prefer to work Closely, with our clients As a brand or manufacturer we want your product should be the good/perfect with leading edge Technology our range of chemicals pigment dyes proteins, Polyurethane Binders, Compounds, Lacquers, Waxes, Filler, Oils, Syntans Innovative combination to make your product unique with Natural Look and Feel of Leather.
BKS Chemical specializing in Manufacturing & Marketing of chemical for Leather Finishing & Other Industry.
BKS Chemical is best on Innovation & development in Manufacturing Technology in Its Class and effort to give best technical support to all our Customers.
BKS Chemical have Wide range of chemicals for Leather and shoe finsishing industry and for Several other Industries like Paint, Wood, Glass etc.

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We provide the best service in industry

We understand requirements

We work precisely

We deliver best output